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Pronounced SY PIE, like "sirius python", sipie is a on line player
for Sirius online Internet streaming. It requires a login to 
Sirius's streaming, and both guest and subscriber logins are 
supported. It provides the a back end and a cli and gui.

Licensed under GPLv2 See:

to install
in ubuntu

Make sure mutliverse is enabled, if not enable it
    grep multiverse /etc/apt/sources.list

if nothing returns go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager
        -> Repositories
        -> Ubuntu Software
        -> Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse) 
            CHECK THAT

    # python-wxgtk2.6 is option but it currently works better then the pure
    # gtk interface
    apt-get install mplayer python-setuptools python-wxgtk2.6

    # easy install sipie
    easy_install sipie Logo